The new self service payment feature allows Fifth Third Bank customers to make payments on their Credit Card or Loan without having a Fifth Third Checking Account.  The feature also allows existing checking customers to make payment from an external bank account. For example, prior to this new feature customers who had a 53rd car loan had to create a checking account in order to make their payment.

My Role

  • UX/UI design, research, prototyping, and user testing for Fifth Third’s internal and consumer-facing self-service payment applications.
  • Asisted other UX/UI design team members with building functional prototypes using Axure 
  • Adapted my self-service payment prototype to be used for internal training initiatives

Self Directed Payments

UI Design & Prototype

The prototype was built using Axure.  Beyond user testing, the prototype was used to help provide guidance throughout beyond testing, as well as internal training ahead of the final product release.  

User Personas  and User Test Results

Mobile App UI Design – Transfer

UI Design & Prototype

Fifth Third wanted to explore new ways to allow customers to easily  transfer funds from one account to another.  One the original concepts was to allow the user to drag and drop.  However, the UX team felt strongly that using drag drop for transfer wasn’t the appropriate UI. I proposed a new solution and built a prototype so user could experience it and tell us which method was preferred. Even though there were two different drag drop options, the tap to transfer concept won with user testing by a wide margin.

I built the mobile prototype in IOS and Android using Adobe Air.