was founded in 2003. Site supports competitive gaming for consoles and online games via its ladders, tournaments, forums and reviews.  Gamebattles quickly became the largest destinations for competitive gaming.  By 2006 GB had well over 1,000,000 million users and 800,000 teams competing and was acquired by Major League Gaming.

  • Created the brand, creative direction, and website design.
  • Created over 40 unique themes including co-branded designs from the top games and consoles.


Gamebattles Site Brand and Skins

Original Gamebattles Site Brand and Design

For the web site brand – each Gamebattles supported Game Ladder/Tournament had a co-branded theme based on the the feel of the game.  We took the same approach for different console specific sections loke xbox, Playstation, etc you can see in the second slideshow.