MapSwing Golf App

The MapSwing app is a fun and effective way to track your shots at the driving range. The more you use MapSwing, the more you learn about your golf game and your swing tendencies. By enabling you to compare the accuracy of your clubs, MapSwing helps you maximize your practice time and focus, while enhancing your experience at the driving range.

The idea behind MapSwing is simple. Like many lifetime golfers, practicing at the driving range is an enjoyable aspect of the game. After leaving the range one afternoon, I realized I was practicing without purpose. How frequently was I hitting my targets? How often were my shots fading, slicing, falling short, or over shooting? And why the heck do I spend so much time hitting my driver and neglecting the clubs that required the most practice?

My Role

  • Designed and developed from concept, to release on the iOS App Store.
  • Created the MapSwing brand and website.

    With MapSwing you can:

    • See a visual map of your swing tendencies.

    • Filter your shots by swing type, such as slice, hook, fade, push, etc.

    • View how each swing type affects the distance from your target.

    • Playback your shots in the sequence they were hit.

    • Compare your practice to previous practices.

    • View regions that you hit and track areas you are most likely to hit the ball

    • See which club you practice the most with.

    • Share the map of a specific club or overall practice session.


    MapSwing Tracks:

    • Overall accuracy across all practices and accuracy per club per practice.

    • How often you hit your targets.

    • Shot types such as slice, hook, fade, push, etc.

    • Average distance per club and average distance from your target.

    • Streaks – see how many times you consecutively hit your target.

      The original version was released for the iPad and then later adapted for the iPhone and for larger mobile sizes.