Mr BigShot Stock Market Game

Platform: iOS
Released: 9/1/2020
App Store Link:


Mr. BigShot Mobile game is like Draft Kings, except you pick star-studded companies instead of athletes. Players go back in time – over 50 years – and invest like it was the very first time. All of the companies, data and ratings are real, historical and authentic. Players Pick from famous companies and form their Team and through five random years.

My Role

Led design, development and release.

  • Project/Product Management
  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • UX/UI
  • Animation / Motion

Game Highlights

  • Single and Multi-Player Modes – Player can play against the S&P performance or go head to head with a Friend
  • Real Stock Market Data
  • GameCenter Integration
  • Financial Trivia – Combination tradition questions with dynamically generated math questions
  • Timeline of Highlighted Events Per Year/Quarter
  • Financial Quotes from famous investors through out history.

Game Screens

Video explaining how the in game purchase works with the Trade Vault.  This allows the player make additional changes to their investment between quarters.

Userflow – Product / Project  Management

Userflow, identifying project features and estimate on development time and cost broken down by type of work.