Storydweller Comics


I began posting single-panel comics in late 2014. To date, I’ve written and illustrated 175 comics. I’ve enjoyed participating in a few local art shows, built a custom mobile app, and in late 2021 published a book of curated comics with Warren Publishing. The book has a fun interactive feature. Each comic in the book includes a QR code that the reader can scan and watch a time-lapse video sketch of the corresponding comic.

Above is the cover of my recent book A little Levity never hurts. You can check out more information on the book and app here:

When the reader scans the QR from the book, they land on a unique page with a corresponding time-lapse video.  The sketch is paired with music and the caption is revealed.  I thought a fun way to enjoy comic and began combining the videos into mini collections.

A completely unnecessarily intense promo video for my social channels.

Storydweller Mobile App

UX/UI Design and iOS Development.

App Features

  • Navigate through all comics and sketches
  • Watch time-lapse video sketches (with music!)
  • Share comics with your friends
  • Artist commentary
  • Save your favorite comics
  • View comics by category
  • Get notified when a new comic is published
  • Random comics
  • Easily see which comics you have viewed and which ones you haven’t

A few Storydweller video post samples:

Sketch to Color Illustration

Guess the Caption

Time-lapse Collections