Tribune: Interactive Design Lead

Tribune is Multimedia conglomerate – formerly one largest US broadcast companies.
Interactive Design Lead June 2008– January 2011

  • Helped to create new revenue opportunities through digital product development such as user generated content apps, contests and games.
  • Provided design leadership for Tribune’s web site content management system supporting media properties such as Chicago Tribune, LA Times, and WGN America. and local TV stations across the US.
  • Designed new brands for the health, classified, gaming and entertainment verticals.

 I worked on a wide range of projects, here are some highlights:

100k Hoopla

The NCAA bracket game was created to support both a stand alone web app and as a Facebook app with additional features. I led the project design and development.  This was also the first time Tribune was building an app that would leverage Facebook API and platform.

Unlike previous version of bracket games, this version allowed FB users to see side by side bracket view against their FB friends.  In addition, users could see how they ranked overall in the contest and amongst their friends. 

Product Design, UX/UI and Front End Dev


Instant Win Games

Created 6 Different types of instant win games, including:

  • Slot Machine
  • Spin the Wheel
  • Scratch Card
  • Bingo

Each game could be easily customized and repurposed for a sponsor.

North Pole News

Make Santa’s Visit Front Page News.  North Pole news allows users to easily  create their own news stories that confirm that Santa is visiting your kids house… assuming you’ve been good. Some of the highlights included a map that showed the used house and santa’s flight pattern and for the Walgreen execution we place the users photo within the clients promotional banner within the app. Over all the app was sold in 12 markets total for nearly 200k in new revenue.

UX/UI, Product Design/Dev, Animation, Logo


Brand and Character design and animation for Tribune’s Super Classifieds site. I wanted the octopus to interact with the letters as if he was pulling it all together for you. Whether that is for the buyer or seller. I also created some fun error pages.

Gamiac Logo Concept

Logo concept design for a casual gamer site. Given how the name gives off the vibe of a serious gamer, I wanted to create a character that would embody the desire to play. You have to feed your Gamiac at all times, a little each day or else he gets a little upset.

All Chicago Team

2008 All-Time All Chicago Team Site and Logo Design. The micro site highlights the very best Cubs and White Sox players of all time. The design elements were also used for 1 hour broadcast show on WGN Chicago.

Site Design

More info coming soon.

Fire Drill Trailer Video

Coming to theaters this fall or last week – The Fire Drill.  Fire Drill was an internal Tribune video project.  Each division within the Tribune interactive department (at the time this was around 700 people) was asked to create a short video that described what their department did.  Needless to say what our team delivered was slightly over done.  This was my first time diving into After Effects.