My role was to help create the conceptual product design and deliver on a functional prototype to both test the concept and continue to get support for product initiatives.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Concept/Marketing
  • Branding

Visual Interactive Calling (VIC) Application allows consumers immediate access and interaction with customer support. This product prototype was built to explore how VIC could improve the consumer experience and business support teams.

To help to better illustrate the product concept and viable use case, I created an intro animation for the UI to help highlight a one of our scenarios.

    One of the key UI components was a user friendly call menu that could show status with the support agent, while the user continue with self service options. This video was an exploration of some early navigation options.

    Created mock company brands and userflows to better illustrate how different types of customer support integrations could be used.  Our examples included airlines, energy and ticketing.

    Push to Talk Plus – Redesign

    Verizon’s Push To Talk Plus leverages America’s largest 4G LTE network to connect Push To Talk calls.  PTT allows you to instantly connect with 1, 10 or even 250 people.  For the new redesigned version we create modified entirely new user experience that is specific for Android users and for iOS users.

    Style Guide for PTT – versions iOS and Android


    Wireframes Concept

    Brand and UI exploration prototype of two different logos that are also used as the push to talk functionality.